Craved II Clock

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Lemnos challenged the limit of technology by craving each dial indicator characters with only a 2mm width. Thin typeface, such as invisible to the character at first glance gives the impression of cleanliness and sharp.

Dimensions: Diameter 340 x Thickness 42 mm
Weight: 750g
Material: Special Interior Material
Movement: Sweep Movement 
Power: AA battery
Warranty: 1 year
Made in Japan 

Naoki Terada
Architect and designer
Graduated from Architecture Course, Engineering Department, Meiji University in 1989.
Duty at the Design Offices in Australia and Italy
Studied at Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and completed the diploma in 1994.
Made activities mainly for the designs of the architecture, the interior, the furniture and the products after the return back to Japan. 
Established Terada Design First Class Authorized Architect Office in 2003.
Winner of The Good Design Prize

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