Thomson Wooden Clock

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The wall clock is designed to use the technique of the Thomson type of the processing to die the papers and the woods. The clock face which is punched by the form of the index puts in shadows inside and creates the expression of the clock with the three-dimensional impression.

Dimensions: Diameter 254 x Thickness 55 mm
Weight: 680g
Material: Plywood, Glass 
Movement: Step Movement 
Power: AA battery
Warranty: 1 year
Made in Japan 



Yuichi Nara
Born in Tokyo, 1977 
Graduated from Architecture Course of Construction Department at Yokohama National University in 1999 
Migrated to Italy in 2000 Duty at Palazzo del Vetro of Glass Studio in Murano Island in Venezia. 
Duty at the construction office of Studio Be. Fa. Na. in Lido Island in 2003 
Established Design Unit 241 Design with Mr. Federico Traverso, the Italian architect in 2003
Graduated from Venezia Construction UIniversity in 2006 
Established Noto Design Office after the return to Japan 
Making activities in Noto Island in Ishikawa Prefecture now

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